Spark Clear Aligners – Lawrence, KS

Clear Aligner Treatments For New Patients

If you or your teen want straighter teeth, braces aren’t the only answer anymore. Spark clear aligners make it easy for patients to achieve the attractive, healthy smiles they deserve while maintaining their daily appearance and routines. Getting started with Spark is simple—just schedule a consultation at Lawrence Dental Center!

Why Choose Lawrence Dental Center for Spark Clear Aligners?

  • Dental Insurance Accepted & Maximized
  • Straight Teeth Without Metal Braces
  • Third Party Financing Available

How Does Spark Work?

With Spark, it isn’t brackets and wires that move the teeth, but rather clear plastic aligners that slip over them like a glove. These apply gentle pressure that slowly guides the teeth into their final positions. They will be shaped according to your dentist’s treatment plan as well as a highly detailed scan of your mouth to ensure an effective and comfortable journey.

The Benefits of Spark

  • Unnoticeable: With Spark, the only thing people will notice is your beautiful result!
  • Made for You: The custom plastic trays feel smooth and cozy against your lips and gums.
  • Time To Eat: You can eat whatever you like and brush like normal—just take your trays off until you’re done!
  • Finished Already?: Spark can be completed in just 12-18 months on average (the typical case with braces is about two to three years).